Let’s Connect!

Let’s Connect!

In an effort to keep the lines of communication open and provide the best possible customer service to you and your customers, we have launched new social media sites to go with our new look and name. We now have a TEMPOE LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, and YouTube channel . These are great ways to keep up-to-date with TEMPOE news and campaigns, as well as make sure you’re aware of the latest events and announcements.

Our LinkedIn page will mostly focus on retailer-centric news, including any incentives, campaigns, or announcements that apply only to our retailers.

Our Facebook page will also house information for retailers, but will be more consumer-focused than our LinkedIn page and will include lots of great information for your customers, to help them get to know us a little better.

We will have a  YouTube channel that will house informational videos for you and your customers. These videos will be embedded throughout our website, as well as shared on our other social media channels.

Please feel free to direct your customers to our Facebook page and your employees to our LinkedIn profile, as they will be regularly updated with useful, helpful, and fun information.

We look forward to seeing you there!