Tire Leasing

No matter the season, it’s important to make sure your tires are in good shape. If you’re ready for new tires, check out our tire leasing partners and install a set of new tires today. Leasing tires is a great alternative to the rent to own option that others provide. Get informed and learn more about leasing.

In addition to thousands of brick and mortar tire leasing store locations around the nation, we also partner with retailers that offer an online tire leasing experience. Lease a new set of tires today. We have retail partners all over the country and online that won’t rest until you’re driving away happy & satisfied!

TEMPOE Leasing - Tire Agent

Tire Agent is a simple option for leasing tires online with no credit required.

Sears Auto Center - TEMPOE Leasing

Sears Auto Center locations can be found across the nation. They have tires that fit your vehicle, lifestyle, and budget.





Apply in-store or online. Once approved, you’ll receive a lease approval code and amount.


After being approved, shop with one of our partners for leaseable items. Approvals are good for 30 days.


Make monthly, biweekly or weekly payments, based on your income frequency. Purchase‡  your items after your 5-month minimum term, continue leasing or return them to us.

†This is not a final approval. Final approval is determined at the time of payment processing
‡Purchase Options not available in NJ, WV, WI, and VT.

Do You Need New Tires?

Due to stress, other parts of your car, truck, van, or motorcycle can begin to wear before their time when your tires are in poor shape and are worn. Not sure if you’re in need of new tires? Check your tire tread depth. All you need is a penny. Insert your penny into a tread groove, Lincoln’s head first. Examine your penny. If you see the top of Abe’s head, your tread is worn and shallow. Repeat this process in a few different tread grooves. If Lincoln’s head is visible all over then it’s most likely time to replace your tires.