Jewelry Leasing

You’ll be able to find jewelry from the hottest fashion brands when shopping with our jewelry partners, plus potential access to leasing as a payment alternative. No matter if you’re interested in diamond rings, gold bracelets, pearl earrings, or elegant watches, we’ve got you covered. If you’re in the market for some new jewelry, check out our jewelry leasing partners and find the perfect item today. Leasing jewelry with TEMPOE is a great alternative to the rent to own option that other companies provide. Become informed and learn more about leasing.

In addition to thousands of brick and mortar jewelry leasing store locations around the nation, we also partner with retailers that offer an online jewelry leasing experience. Find and lease new jewelry today and choose between great jewelers around the nation. We have retail partners all over the country and online that won’t rest until you’re happy and satisfied with your new jewelry.

TEMPOE Leasing - Sears Products Oven

Sears connects online and physical shopping. Shop for new jewelry, appliances, power lawn & garden tools, patio sets, and more.





Apply in-store or online. Once approved, you’ll receive a lease approval code and amount.


After being approved, shop with one of our partners for leaseable items. Approvals are good for 30 days.


Make monthly, biweekly or weekly payments, based on your income frequency. Purchase‡  your items after your 5-month minimum term, continue leasing or return them to us.

This is not a final approval. Final approval is determined at the time of payment processing
‡Purchase Options not available in NJ, WV, WI, and VT.

How to choose a wedding ring?

To choose the perfect ring for your partner, start by considering what fits your budget. That might go without saying! Next, think about what fits their style and personality. Are they traditional and elegant, stylish, outgoing, a nature lover, romantic, old-fashioned, or modern? These adjectives could point you in the right direction. Don’t forget to use their engagement ring as a guide – that’s another great starting point.