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Did someone say responsive?

Did someone say responsive?

We’re excited to announce that our Customer Service Center, which we’re now calling Customer TRACK (more on that to come), and our new Corporate website are now fully responsive. This includes our online calculator, as well.

So what does that mean? As part of our goal to streamline and simplify, our sites are now optimized for mobile devices and tablets, creating a better experience for both you and your customer.

We’ve also created a responsive application for our retailer click-to-apply applications. That means when a customer goes to your website and clicks on the click-to-apply graphic, the application that comes up is automatically optimized for whatever device they’re using. This allows customers to go to your website and get approved even before walking into your store—or even while they’re shopping!

Don’t have a click-to-apply graphic on your website yet? You should! Find them in the marketing tab above, or contact us today and we’ll walk you through setting one up. Call 844-TODAY4U or email

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