COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

I sincerely hope all of our customers and retail partners are healthy and safe during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. I want to give our customers and retailers extreme confidence that TEMPOE is committed to providing the same superior customer service you have come to know and expect.

While most companies are struggling to support their customers during this time, we have taken the following steps to ensure our customers and employees are cared for:

  • We safely deployed a work from home staffing model.
  • We deployed a true omnichannel environment to include chat, mobile application, customer portal self-service, Artificial Intelligence, and enhanced IVR functionality.
  • We enhanced our self-service support tools to ensure our customers and retailers have a vehicle to perform any function or service an agent would typically provide.
  • We are constantly monitoring the voice of customer key performance indicators to ensure zero degradation in our retail and customer experience.

I have received many testimonials from our customers and retail partners thanking TEMPOE for not skipping a beat with service and support—this warms my heart. I assure you that the TEMPOE family is conviction-driven about creating great experiences and positive outcomes for our customers and retail partners. Thank you for making us your obvious choice!

Quincy Sterling
Chief Operations Officer