Welcome! We are excited to announce our new brand, TEMPOE.

Building upon the roots of WhyNotLeaseIt, TEMPOE is a movement, embodying rhythm and reliability. We are an advocate for consumers, putting retail within reach by supporting our clients – who, in turn, remove barriers to ownership for their customers.

New features, improvements and more

With TEMPOE, we will be launching some innovative new features and improvements to our service offerings. These enhancements will ensure that we remain an industry leader who constantly innovates in order to earn your business every day.

We realize names are important. They shape our perception, help us highlight our uniqueness, and engage our audience. In thinking about our name, we’ve come to understand that the essence of what our program offers is a new way for consumers to pay for what they really want. It’s no credit required shopping with convenient payment options. It’s instant gratification – getting customers the things they want, when they want them. With that new understanding, we realized that the word “lease” in our company name was holding us back. So WhyNot change it? (Pun intended!) We truly are a new company and with that comes a new name.


Learn more about TEMPOE from our exec team in the video below.