TEMPOE Family,

I want to take this opportunity to send a quick note of encouragement. I sincerely hope you and your families are healthy and safe.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we find our country in conflict. We have all been overwhelmed by the events seen on television and social media feeds. In times of crisis, we may succumb to fear, helplessness, and victimization, but I suggest we take the path of empowerment and inspiration. No matter how chaotic the world seems, we should gain inspiration from each other and the millions of people around the world who chose to come together for the greater good.

I am truly inspired by this team’s ability to overcome adversity. I believe we have the potential to be a great organization because we value, appreciate, respect, and adapt to each other’s cultural and generational differences.

As we celebrate pride month, let us remember that the human experience is only made richer by our differences. Let us understand that those differences not only make us unique and amazing but that they also connect us in our humanity. And let us find strength and inspiration in each other as we celebrate our differences and come together as one people, united in our diversity.

Quincy Sterling