Texas Tires Leasing Payment Options

TEMPOE Gains Traction for Texas Tires by Adding New Payment Options

To ensure their customers are driving on the road with the exact style, brand, and size of wheels and tires they want, Texas Tires has joined together with TEMPOE LLC, to expand their payment options at all of their retail locations.

Texas Tires has more than 40 locations, housing the largest selection of in-stock custom wheels and high-performance tires at the lowest prices, all while maintaining a passion for customer service. To expand on their customer-first approach, Texas Tires was looking to add additional payment options through a partnership with a provider that shares the same passion for customer service. Through their new partnership with TEMPOE and Lib Archive, Texas Tires is now able to offer a No Credit Required lease option that will make wheels and tires more affordable for their customers, all while providing a best-in-class customer experience.

“Texas Tires is a leader in the wheel and tire space and is continuing to expand and grow through their industry expertise and customer-centric business model. We are pleased to partner with this long-established company that has such a loyal customer base,” said Matt Welton, Senior VP Sales & Marketing.

With TEMPOE, a national finTech firm specializing in the retail payment space, Texas Tires will have more customers driving from their stores with the style, finish, brand and size of wheels and tires they really want by offering their customers a leasing option with an easy application process, instant decisions, early payout options and flexible lease payments.


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About Texas Tires

Texas Tires specializes in a custom plus-size wheel and tire options for any vehicle. With more than 30 locations, top tier customer service, and competitive prices Texas Tires has firmly established itself as a leader in the custom wheel and tire industry. To customize your vehicle, visit your local store location to learn more.

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Sandra Munoz | CFO | (682)703-2312