TEMPOE Supports The Angelman Syndrome Foundation

TEMPOE Supports The Angelman Syndrome Foundation

This past May, the TEMPOE team participated in the Angelman Syndrome Foundation Walk in Boston, Chicago and Cincinnati. TEMPOE participated through corporate sponsorship, individual team donations and walk participants. Angelman Syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system and has a wide range of symptoms, from developmental delays to epilepsy. We chose ASF because of two of our employees’ personal connection to Angelaman Syndrome.

Manchester employee Collette Cusson’s son, Michael, was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome in October 2013. Now a handsome twenty-one year old, Michael is a sweet, good natured boy whose laughter is so contagious you can’t help but laugh along with him. While he cannot walk or talk, he is a powerhouse with his phenomenal strength. “I look at him as a blessing every day, but hope and pray that one day we can find a cure so that no one else has to go through life the way he does,” Collette says.


Cincinnati employee Shawn Field’s daughter, Megan, was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome before her first birthday. Now seventeen, “she is truly the light of our life with her beautiful smile, contagious laugh and love of people and life,” Shawn says. She isn’t able to able to communicate using words, but words aren’t necessary as she makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in the world. Shawn would like to thank TEMPOE, specifically President Orlando Zayas and Chief Marketing Officer Amanda Costanzi, on behalf of his family for “supporting this cause and bringing awareness to Michael and Megan’s stores. I’m very blessed to work for such an amazing company.”


Being able to support Michael, Megan and their families was a large motivator for us when choosing a cause to support. ASF is one of four charities we proudly support as a company. The TEMPOE movement is all about our mission, which is to be an emblem of trust. We try to embody this in the community through our philanthropic efforts and care and support for our TEMPOE family.

Below are a few photos of our teams in Boston, Chicago and Cincinnati on the day of the walk. TEMPOE team members said it was a beautiful day with much praise for how The Angelman Foundation executed it. All enjoyed the walk and the opportunity to support fellow TEMPOE team members. We are already looking forward to participating again next year!


Our Manchester, NH team at the Boston walk:

Our Manchester, NH team at the Boston walk

Our Cincinnati, OH team at the Cincinnati walk:

Our CMO, Amanda Costanzi and her family at the Chicago, IL walk: