TEMPOE Sees Kevin Jewelers Partnership as a Winning Combination

TEMPOE Sees Kevin Jewelers Partnership as a Winning Combination

CINCINNATI, OHIO; June 18, 2019 / TEMPOE, LLC / PRNewswire

TEMPOE LLC of Cincinnati, Ohio, a national retail FinTech firm, is making headway into businesses outside of mainstay leasing. With many retail partners in furniture, appliances, and electronics, TEMPOE has embraced a rewarding market in jewelry leasing.

One such company is Kevin Jewelers, a family-owned business with more than 40 locations in California. Kevin Jewelers was established in 1975 in a modest 300-square-foot store in Beverly Hills, with a single motto: your best price, our family service.

“Kevin Jewelers has been in business for 44 years and drives its family values throughout their partnerships and customers. We are pleased to have an alliance with this long-established company with a loyal customer following,“ said Brian Tilley, Director of Strategic Account Management at TEMPOE.

Kevin Jewelers provides quality jewelry at affordable prices. The company focuses on a market that historically was lacking in quality merchandise at reasonable prices: mall locations.

“We help customers attain the jewelry of their dreams, and offer financing through multiple credit-rating spectrums,” said Dan Alvarado, Senior Vice President of Consumer Finance for Kevin Jewelers. “Leasing jewelry is a natural progression for customers who could not otherwise have access to finely crafted jewelry, diamonds, and watches.”

“TEMPOE drives incremental sales by offering an easy application process with no fees, instant decisions, a five-month minimum term, and flexible lease payments,” said Jim Medeiros, TEMPOE’s Relationship Manager for Kevin Jewelers.

Medeiros has been part of the Kevin Jewelers alliance since January, helping to train and support store locations.

“Our start-up process was extremely smooth with the attention of our strategic account manager, Jim Medeiros,” said Alvarado.

Medeiros reflected on his new acquaintances and friendships earned. “We share the same ideas of a family atmosphere in our business relationship,” said Medeiros. “This helps drive our success. I also have great support of my team back at TEMPOE, especially from our account manager, Jackie Fait.”

“We seek quality partners in our relationships. Kevin Jewelers provides beautiful, crafted designs at an exceptional value,” said Chris Garrido, TEMPOE’s CEO. “They do more than sell fine jewelry at great prices; they treat their customers and employees like family to provide the best possible value. TEMPOE is pleased to have a part in this experience.”

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