TEMPOE observes “Marooned Without a Compass Day”

TEMPOE observes “Marooned Without a Compass Day”

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMCAAAAJDViMDA5MDRlLTc2ZGUtNDk4YS1hMmJjLWYzYjg1ZDk4Y2RlMADo you ever find yourself going around in circles? Do you feel lost? Do you ever feel as though you need a guide?

These are some questions to reflect upon on November 6 — National Marooned Without a Compass Day.

TEMPOE is observing this micro-holiday for several reasons. Most notably, we’re connected to the compass. In fact, we have our own.

Our Compass, or the “O” within TEMPOE, pays homage to navigation and the sense of direction we provide to retailers and customers. Simply put, we show you the compass and you choose the path.

Marooned Without a Compass Day is a day to evaluate your current state of being and to orient your life. Better yet, being marooned isn’t all bad. It’s a time to reflect on the path you want to take.

So, we at TEMPOE ask: are you marooned without a compass?

Let our compass guide you and put retail within reach.