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Melanie Corsey
Melanie C.
16:26 01 Aug 20
Nice leasing/rent option. Would’ve given it 5 stars but there appeared to be a misunderstanding with the due date for payments. But it’s over now. Item was paid off early.
Joanye Curtis
Joanye C.
03:20 01 Aug 20
I've had nothing but good experience with this company, always prompt response, totally satisfied.
Dime Stacker
Dime S.
13:58 30 Jul 20
andy guttu
andy G.
20:41 28 Jul 20
Joe Montione
Joe M.
13:48 27 Jul 20
Great experience so far . Fast, painless and instant gratification! Thanks Tempoe!
Thomas Heep
Thomas H.
20:34 26 Jul 20
Can only give four out of five stars because they're asking for a review at the beginning of this process, not the end of it. But I would say so far, so good. The application... process was easy, and they offered a number of options to pay off the lease, which is good. I also thought the language in the fine print, i.e., "terms and conditions" was clearly worded so you are actually encouraged that you can make it through that legal-ease document. Transparency is important when making a lease/loan transaction, and I thought they did a good job making the process as transparent as possible. At the end of my involvement with them, I will update the review as needed.read more
Patrick Page
Patrick P.
10:46 25 Jul 20
Shelly Williams
Shelly W.
17:24 24 Jul 20
Carolina Romero
Carolina R.
16:46 24 Jul 20
Willa Head
Willa H.
12:25 24 Jul 20
Llsm Express Inc Hernandez
Llsm Express Inc H.
18:45 23 Jul 20
Brittany Sproles
Brittany S.
18:06 23 Jul 20
Customer service is awesome! I personally spoke with Kevin regarding a due date issue, and he changed it for me like I asked with no hesitation. Great company.
Ronald R
Ronald R
14:18 23 Jul 20
I love tempoe i’ve used it 4 times now and it has helped me out when i needed mattresses fridge and washer and dryer lets me take what i need and only come out $60 . I recommend... it and i will continue to use itread more
Linda Serna
Linda S.
16:13 22 Jul 20
Raymond Murphy
Raymond M.
13:42 21 Jul 20
Betty Straka
Betty S.
00:19 17 Jul 20
After purchasing our first home together we began to realize it definitely wasn't as well maintained as the previous owners had bragged about. We ended up completely exhausting... our entire savings replacing and repairing so many rooms in our new home and the final blow was the refrigerator went out. We didn't want any more credit cards so we decided to go back to Sears where we used to always purchase our appliances and it was such a breeze obtaining a lease for our new refrigerator which could be paid off in just a few easy to make installments. We are extremely happy with the refrigerator we picked out plus the great price! Tempoe will be our first choice for any purchase we need to make in the future! Thank you!read more
Annette Bonner
Annette B.
07:59 13 Jul 20
This was hands down, one of the most satisfying purchases I've ever made, the team that assisted me in purchasing my grandson's four wheeler were the best. From application to... delivery TEMPOE got it right. Thank you so much for helping make my grandson's 8th birthday great. Thank you Annette.read more
Jessica Agueda
Jessica A.
19:58 12 Jul 20
Haddel Sanchez
Haddel S.
17:16 12 Jul 20
Excelente servicio, el personal muy atento y amable. 100% recomendado!
Luis Rodriguez
Luis R.
14:20 12 Jul 20
Nelson Suarez
Nelson S.
15:08 11 Jul 20
Manuel Diaz
Manuel D.
14:30 10 Jul 20
Son bien serios y se comprometen un 100% con el cliente,para satisfacer sus preocupaciones y necesidades Gracias
Cali Gemini
Cali G.
14:43 09 Jul 20
Laura H
Laura H
14:22 09 Jul 20
Craig Desjarlais
Craig D.
13:55 09 Jul 20
This is so awesome it was easy and fast and the prices and payments are so reasonable
Susan Cummings
Susan C.
13:11 08 Jul 20
I have had no issues with them i am going to buy a ac unit from sears thru them next i just purchased a dishwasher and love it
19:39 07 Jul 20
Sylvester Campbell
Sylvester C.
18:04 07 Jul 20
rocky Hernandez
rocky H.
12:10 07 Jul 20
Lee Sanchez
Lee S.
21:14 06 Jul 20
Anthony Williamson
Anthony W.
14:15 05 Jul 20
Great service right to the point fast I love it Thank you
Robert Alexander
Robert A.
22:53 04 Jul 20
Jason Ashline
Jason A.
06:58 03 Jul 20
Very easy processes with additional excellent customer services!
Eddie Salinas
Eddie S.
17:10 29 Jun 20
It was a good one we got pay off our refrigerator on time and we did not have pay much. Thank you
Anjahne Brown
Anjahne B.
15:38 29 Jun 20
Mark was excellent! He fully explained my lease agreement and did not get frustrated with my questions. In the end, he was able to give me a large discount on my lease which was... really appreciated, especially during these times of uncertainty.read more
Amy Furlong
Amy F.
14:07 25 Jun 20
Though the site ElectroFinance did have a few glitches, I was able to navigate and location the Lte watch I was looking for, and able to pick it up same day at my local Best Buy... yesterday 6/24! This payment plan financing is ideal for busy people like myself working on a budget.read more
Diana Mitchell
Diana M.
04:09 24 Jun 20
Great customer service I had an issue with my merchandise and I called Tempoe and the young lady tried to resolve the issue. I was very grateful she went as far as she did to help... me. I will use their service again as soon as I find new retail store.read more
bettie. ward
bettie. W.
16:33 23 Jun 20
Speedy service
Michael Jergensen
Michael J.
15:28 23 Jun 20
Bobby Greer
Bobby G.
14:15 23 Jun 20
06:43 23 Jun 20
davonna george
davonna G.
05:56 22 Jun 20
James Morris
James M.
09:50 21 Jun 20
Robbie Wilson
Robbie W.
23:13 20 Jun 20
Mondreckius Lawrence
Mondreckius L.
14:42 17 Jun 20
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