Jessie Brown
Jessie B.
14:00 16 Jun 21
I've made several purchases with Sears and have always been pleased with the service and speed of delivery.
phillip bradley
phillip B.
21:50 15 Jun 21
Jay Koraido
Jay K.
20:04 15 Jun 21
Great to work with, fast recovery on returning a item.
monica orosco
monica O.
07:32 13 Jun 21
Donald Hartgrave
Donald H.
06:16 10 Jun 21
Michelle Davidson
Michelle D.
16:45 09 Jun 21
Quick and easy process. Excellent terms. Extremely satisfied
Michael Parker
Michael P.
13:40 09 Jun 21
Carey Glass
Carey G.
14:14 07 Jun 21
Tempoe was the fastest and most hassle free leasing company I have ever had a pleasure of doing business with.
Jorge Orozco
Jorge O.
16:00 05 Jun 21
Awesome service!
Fred Hulett (Pitbull)
Fred Hulett (.
21:38 04 Jun 21
I have to say it is the best way to finance something that you really need to get in a pinch and you can not afford to pay cash i have been super happy with tempo and i will... definitely be shopping and using them againread more
04:47 04 Jun 21
James Clark
James C.
04:38 03 Jun 21
Burmese Python
Burmese P.
16:48 02 Jun 21
It was easy for me to approve the lease.
Wendy Femal
Wendy F.
15:07 02 Jun 21
Allen Poole
Allen P.
13:48 31 May 21
Fast quick and simple, customer service available anytime. Financing quick and simple in just a few steps!!! Have all your truck or vehicle service tire needs and wheels. Waiting... on the delivery of my tires and will post more. Excellent service!!!!😎😎😎read more
Cristian Eyes
Cristian E.
21:14 28 May 21
Andrew Andrade
Andrew A.
16:59 28 May 21
Greatest of all
Roland Hill
Roland H.
15:35 26 May 21
Awesome service with immediate response and fast shipping 🏆
Wayne Stallworth
Wayne S.
15:30 26 May 21
goldo Ramirez
goldo R.
11:10 26 May 21
Quintena Beckles
Quintena B.
23:53 24 May 21
Kate wilson
Kate W.
14:53 24 May 21
Second time I’ve used them and they are great and a smooth experience
Deloris “lolo” Goble
Deloris “lolo” G.
01:03 23 May 21
Philip Marshall
Philip M.
15:39 22 May 21
Very honest company. Will lease again!
Ralph Ratcliff
Ralph R.
17:33 16 May 21
I've had nothing but praise for them/I know it's only been 2mts but am very happy...
Thomas Rodgers
Thomas R.
16:49 16 May 21
Brian Kane (The Upgrade)
Brian Kane (The U.
22:38 15 May 21
Brilliant! When it comes to value, the option to lease sealed the deal on paying a little more for a Playstation 5. In November she put 1000 in savings for this item. Sears is the... first trusted brand to have any in stock. The virtual reality accessory is for her. She insisted on ordering due to "smart people who still work hard".Thanks!read more
Dakota Wiggins
Dakota W.
15:38 15 May 21
seric smith
seric S.
15:42 12 May 21
T G.
16:06 11 May 21
Amy Kielty
Amy K.
15:03 10 May 21
I have leased with Tempoe many times and it is always easy, just a great experience. I will definitely be leasing through them again.
betty anglin
betty A.
07:33 09 May 21
Pablo Reyes
Pablo R.
02:55 09 May 21
Kyle Wilson
Kyle W.
22:54 07 May 21
Isidro Perez
Isidro P.
19:41 04 May 21
Gladys A Morales
Gladys A M.
05:04 01 May 21
ken schermerhorn
ken S.
12:28 30 Apr 21
It’s a very good card to have
Mitchell Agee
Mitchell A.
18:46 29 Apr 21
Was quick and easy, they did all the leg work. I was sent an approval code with a set dollar amount, which gave me the ability to shop for what I wanted confidently. 10 out of 10... would recommend!!read more
14:57 28 Apr 21
Everything was explained to me in a timely manner and I understood this lease. They are very professional and easy to talk to when needed. during the leasing time, Tempoe sent... me imformation letting me know how much longer my lease would be and if I want to pay it off or continue leasing. This is one of the better leasing companies I have ever used in my lifetime and I will definitely refer them and I have NO COMPLAINTS against this company, ONLY COMPLIMENTS.😎read more
Jorge Colon
Jorge C.
17:50 27 Apr 21
Maria Martinez
Maria M.
15:41 27 Apr 21
Indira B.
Indira B.
15:24 27 Apr 21
I am happy that Tempo, LLC was able to assist me with appliances without any delay and trouble. They worked with me on obtaining appliances, especially when it was well needed.
LadyTina G
LadyTina G
14:19 23 Apr 21
I've dealt with Tempoe, LLC for about 3 years now. I've always been pleased with the service. No issues to speak of. It's a great option especially for larger ticket priced... items. I would recommend it as an more
melissa carter
melissa C.
15:51 22 Apr 21
They have been very easy to work with just I had it drafted out of my account. Did have a problem when my card was stolen and at first he was pretty harsh I explained that I was... sorry I forgot gave him new card to draft and he was very pleasant after more
Alicia Martinez
Alicia M.
18:13 21 Apr 21
I am so fortunately to be a Tempo Customer, because for people like me with low credit score Tempo is the most easy way to buy all I need for my house and some personal use.... Thanks to Temporead more
J White
J W.
19:52 19 Apr 21
Julie Votaw
Julie V.
18:06 14 Apr 21
They are very accommodating and they keep you informed. Using Tempoe 8s a great way to acquire what you need quickly. My washer and dryer are not working properly...What a... blessing to get appliances with more
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