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14:51 21 Oct 20
My experience with TEMPOE has been a pleasure, I had great delight in meeting an agent whom worked out every curve, I myself created.My agent was kind and patience and very... intelligent. I am very happy with all my purchases. CUSTOMER FOREVERread more
Lorenzo Dennis
Lorenzo D.
12:44 21 Oct 20
Hands-On Homestead
Hands-On H.
14:14 20 Oct 20
Alex Corona
Alex C.
21:15 19 Oct 20
tips and tricks litt
tips and tricks L.
15:18 19 Oct 20
Melanie Chee
Melanie C.
13:39 18 Oct 20
Jennifer Kyser
Jennifer K.
00:19 18 Oct 20
This program is great. It Helps when you need a little bit of a hand up for a large purchase that maybe you can’t make all at once! Very friendly and helpful customer service. Was... not at any point a hassle or headache to obtain, pay, communicate or complete my agreement. I recommend checking out Tempoe, LLC and if you already are I say, go for it! You won’t be disappointed.read more
Kim Kilbride
Kim K.
14:18 17 Oct 20
marsha ziebold
marsha Z.
14:08 17 Oct 20
Gloria Diaz
Gloria D.
17:34 16 Oct 20
Hilda Morales
Hilda M.
22:56 15 Oct 20
Helen Krall
Helen K.
18:37 14 Oct 20
Very flexible and knowledgeable people!
Terry Hall
Terry H.
14:11 14 Oct 20
Fast and easy to purchase tires at a great price. Recommended to anyone.
Thomas Murawski
Thomas M.
13:51 14 Oct 20
Such a simple and seamless process. This made it so easy to get what I needed.
Laura Blackmer
Laura B.
16:50 13 Oct 20
Payoff your purchase off in 90 days and its awesome. The customer service I received from Tatyana was great. She was professional and went above and beyond for me. I am grateful.
willis D.
willis D.
02:26 12 Oct 20
Very pilot and extremely helpful.
jose enrique roman
jose enrique R.
19:23 11 Oct 20
Jessie Andersonknowles
Jessie A.
16:40 10 Oct 20
Neville Miller
Neville M.
14:42 10 Oct 20
Mary Jane COOK
Mary Jane C.
14:08 10 Oct 20
Branden Jongbloedt
Branden J.
14:29 09 Oct 20
Carmen Salaberrios
Carmen S.
14:05 09 Oct 20
Great company to work with when you don't have perfect credit and you want to rebuild. Great customer service.
Pamela Brayfield
Pamela B.
13:50 09 Oct 20
Very good experience, helpful employee and fast service.
Aldo Scordino
Aldo S.
22:35 08 Oct 20
L Rums
L R.
14:23 08 Oct 20
There pretty fast
Dave Greeno
Dave G.
00:53 08 Oct 20
hotrod rubberburner
hotrod R.
03:54 07 Oct 20
mike neher
mike N.
14:13 03 Oct 20
Quick easy application instant approvalDidn't need a bunch of crazy excessive paperwork just bank info then hit checkout
Melinda Shelton
Melinda S.
14:32 02 Oct 20
I needed four new tires, desperately! That was an expense that I couldn’t meet. Tempoe was an easy application process and immediate approval. They offer same as cash within a... certain time frame which is a huge plus.read more
tiffany swenson-shanahan
tiffany S.
14:08 02 Oct 20
Easy to do, convenient to pay over time, really needed tires and they made it possible. My sister did this as well and her tires were there 2 days after she ordered them.
sut j
sut j
13:52 02 Oct 20
Mayra Rodriguez
Mayra R.
21:32 29 Sep 20
I needed a edger for my yard, which is a large corner and I was able to purchased a great heavy duty unit for a reasonable price through the Lease it program. I was able to pay... in full by the 60 days and save money. I considered this an emergency need and less than an hour I was out of the door with the lease it program.read more
Amanda Ross
Amanda R.
21:24 29 Sep 20
Jeff Schama
Jeff S.
16:48 29 Sep 20
Stephen Hise
Stephen H.
15:29 29 Sep 20
Brian Blake
Brian B.
14:04 29 Sep 20
yanitza sotero
yanitza S.
16:25 28 Sep 20
Great service
Joanne McAllister
Joanne M.
15:45 28 Sep 20
Thank you for allowing me the experience of being a part of Tempoe, LLC.
Marie Lynch
Marie L.
09:00 28 Sep 20
Tyler Peeler
Tyler P.
20:23 27 Sep 20
Michael Canfield
Michael C.
15:50 26 Sep 20
Isabel Gaytan
Isabel G.
03:54 24 Sep 20
Daniel Ortiz
Daniel O.
14:59 22 Sep 20
19:53 19 Sep 20
Gerald Patterson
Gerald P.
14:13 19 Sep 20
Kristine Brown
Kristine B.
13:45 18 Sep 20
It’s fast and easy , and what’s great is you can afford tires by weekly payments , with COVID this company is helping real people get the tires they need to keep going to work
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