J White
J W.
19:52 19 Apr 21
Julie Votaw
Julie V.
18:06 14 Apr 21
They are very accommodating and they keep you informed. Using Tempoe 8s a great way to acquire what you need quickly. My washer and dryer are not working properly...What a... blessing to get appliances with Tempoe.read more
Rhonda Jordon
Rhonda J.
14:52 14 Apr 21
LOVE this option & so easy to set up! Thank you!
NeNe J.
NeNe J.
11:03 13 Apr 21
Great option for leasing from Sears and other major companies.
Justin Hoffman
Justin H.
04:07 13 Apr 21
High quality product. Fast shipping, fast delivery, and great service
Daniel Baumann
Daniel B.
22:09 12 Apr 21
Anthony A
Anthony A
18:23 09 Apr 21
Reasonable price. They let you get the product right away. Just wish they had more store to select from but overall not a bad company to go through. I always paid everything off... before 90 days...read more
Inez Acevedo
Inez A.
21:57 07 Apr 21
Kellie Jo Hylton
Kellie Jo H.
14:47 31 Mar 21
This is my 3rd time buying with TEMPO. There ease of use and ability to pay it off in 90 days with no penalty is awesome.
Alberto Madrid
Alberto M.
13:00 26 Mar 21
Jeff Gladden
Jeff G.
16:20 24 Mar 21
Jacob Cockrell
Jacob C.
14:20 24 Mar 21
lisa Pellam
lisa P.
22:57 23 Mar 21
I used Tempoe, LLC to purchase a sectional from sears.com and my experience was wonderful!!!!!!They are a great company to use for your purchases.And I am a real customer not... someone who has never used them before just so everyone knows and I would recommend them to everyone and actually I have recommended them to my family and most of my freinds!! It's a great way to get what you want or what you need and pay as you go. I had even had trouble with one of the companies I had purchased from and honiest to god Tempoe had my back through the whole experience even in helping me get my money, their great!!!!Thank you, Lisa Pellam.read more
Betty Mckoy
Betty M.
17:53 23 Mar 21
Ashley Sylvester
Ashley S.
03:14 22 Mar 21
Easy to work with, very user-friendly. Would definitely recommend to friends
Tessa Elps
Tessa E.
20:25 21 Mar 21
Denarrest Sanders
Denarrest S.
17:08 19 Mar 21
Great service my product was deliver next day
Joe Helbok
Joe H.
14:35 19 Mar 21
Jessica McGuire
Jessica M.
20:12 18 Mar 21
The gentlemen were nice, respectable and terrific while doing their job.
What You Think Podcast
What You Think P.
23:35 16 Mar 21
Amazing! They go through the upmost to help you.
evelyn Delvalle
evelyn D.
21:59 15 Mar 21
Dennis Sullivan
Dennis S.
16:06 15 Mar 21
janice kinney
janice K.
19:57 14 Mar 21
Loryn Cruise
Loryn C.
18:17 11 Mar 21
lambert narlock
lambert N.
15:06 11 Mar 21
great service and fast delivery
Luanna Lozano
Luanna L.
08:27 11 Mar 21
David Johnson
David J.
14:56 08 Mar 21
There great
Rudolpn Bookwalter
Rudolpn B.
14:44 08 Mar 21
Very good company got my ps5 through them when no one else had them ! Thanks guys 😄
Omari CEO Of BSP Aska
Omari CEO Of BSP A.
05:04 08 Mar 21
Kissryn Batton
Kissryn B.
16:22 06 Mar 21
James Constantino
James C.
17:20 05 Mar 21
This financing worked well for me and the 90 days same as cash is great!
Chandrika Jackson
Chandrika J.
15:19 05 Mar 21
Love Tempoe the best place I could’ve gotten my my tires from.. Great prices and very affordable and I love the fact that they have a lease program that’s a plus for me I will be... shopping with them every time I need tires for my car or anything else..read more
Tacica Peeples
Tacica P.
16:15 04 Mar 21
Natasha Sears
Natasha S.
16:51 01 Mar 21
Forrest White
Forrest W.
15:50 01 Mar 21
Danny&jaime Cervantes
Danny&jaime C.
17:51 26 Feb 21
Easy to pick out my product and get it financed no problems no worries minimum contact with Tempo and I got my products right away knowing that they gave me credit in a time of... need was the best feeling in the world thank you Tempo!!!read more
Garland Chrisco
Garland C.
16:59 25 Feb 21
Lori Cason
Lori C.
21:11 24 Feb 21
Quick and easy! Was able to finance the product with no hassles!
Paula Shatlaw
Paula S.
15:25 22 Feb 21
Dora Porras
Dora P.
17:02 21 Feb 21
Great way to make purchases.
marty batesb
marty B.
03:40 21 Feb 21
TEMPOE, LLC Are outstanding! They financed a set of wheels when no one else would even consider. They were fast with answering back on the application. I would recommend them to... anyone. Good Customer Service! Try them out you will be pleased.read more
18:46 20 Feb 21
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