Yadira Velázquez
Yadira V.
14:20 16 Sep 21
Debbie Goff
Debbie G.
14:13 13 Sep 21
José jr Matus Reyes
José jr Matus R.
17:15 10 Sep 21
Shane Reiser
Shane R.
23:59 05 Sep 21
Quick and easy app process hoping my tires show in the next few days
Anna Terry
Anna T.
14:02 05 Sep 21
I have been very happy with my experience and my lease through Tempoe
Robert Fincham
Robert F.
14:39 04 Sep 21
It is so awesome to have a company like this around now days so I hope that you take a moment to look at there page thank you tempo for giving us a chance
13:44 03 Sep 21
Excellent company with a broad range of items to shop for once approved.The only things that could be better is an expanded list of online vendors to choose from.
Bobby Ray Perry
Bobby Ray P.
02:18 02 Sep 21
Very good find people like talking to them very nice and kind.
Dave Joy
Dave J.
20:32 31 Aug 21
It was rapid and easy
J Vazquez
J V.
17:16 30 Aug 21
Very gratifying
Danny Rowe
Danny R.
21:16 29 Aug 21
Rufus Mcgill
Rufus M.
14:11 25 Aug 21
Brenda Anthony
Brenda A.
16:32 21 Aug 21
Easy to use website, fast response and item ready the next day. Excellent experience!!
Mike Jones
Mike J.
14:41 17 Aug 21
Amber Lang
Amber L.
18:54 11 Aug 21
16:35 11 Aug 21
Got quick ok for item I wanted and it was immediately shipped to me. Payments process smoothly without any issues. It also allows you to go into your account and change payment... options or your auto debit. They also periodically send cheaper buy out options.read more
darlene young
darlene Y.
16:14 11 Aug 21
Rogue Paranormal
Rogue P.
13:49 11 Aug 21
Christian Tostado
Christian T.
04:16 11 Aug 21
The opportunity they offer and provide is such a blessing and chance for credit rebuilding is outstanding, download today n sign up
Jeremy Hill
Jeremy H.
00:54 10 Aug 21
caitlyn endebrock
caitlyn E.
04:43 09 Aug 21
the ease of use for this service was honestly mind blowing. i am beyond happy with my experience of purchasing new tires for my jeep through this service!!
Gregorio Rubio
Gregorio R.
14:14 07 Aug 21
Styron Batchelor
Styron B.
19:42 04 Aug 21
jesus torres
jesus T.
20:32 02 Aug 21
Good services and friendly staff
Karen Coachman
Karen C.
19:20 02 Aug 21
Julie Cortez
Julie C.
15:35 02 Aug 21
Flame Faye
Flame F.
05:31 01 Aug 21
Tires came fast and only paying $42 a month totaling $400 sumn that’s a great deal for meThanks tempoe
Chris Pariseau
Chris P.
02:00 30 Jul 21
Awesome program, customer service has been nothing but helpful and very informative
Chris Tyler
Chris T.
20:02 28 Jul 21
Maacah Starr
Maacah S.
16:35 28 Jul 21
Process was quick and easy. Customer service is phenomenal!! I was able to purchase my items without putting any money down and paid off in 30 days!! I recommend them!
Benny Milam
Benny M.
13:56 27 Jul 21
Oscar Bustos
Oscar B.
14:13 26 Jul 21
Gibby Campbell
Gibby C.
18:22 18 Jul 21
Julie Votaw
Julie V.
22:54 13 Jul 21
They are very accommodating and they keep you informed. Using Tempoe is a great way to acquire what you need quickly. My washer and dryer are not working properly...What a... blessing to get appliances with Tempoe.read more
Michele Colley
Michele C.
16:06 10 Jul 21
A great experience with the reps and a wonderful tool to be able to purchase the things that you need and or want.
5 1
5 1
13:58 09 Jul 21
This website is one of the best websites online good items to choose from perfect prices! Best of all easy installments
Pat and Greg Twiddy
Pat and Greg T.
11:14 08 Jul 21
it was great. ready to do again.
Kirby Rhoden
Kirby R.
23:07 05 Jul 21
Tempoe, LLC, conducts excellent customer service, it is much more than satisfactory services, the pleasure is all mine. Thanks #💯👌😎💯# "YOU ALL... JUST, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK FOR$URE?!!!"read more
Steve Gardner
Steve G.
14:43 05 Jul 21
Kenneth Speller
Kenneth S.
13:22 05 Jul 21
Easy access to order and receive my set of fine quality tires. Payments are easy set up and affordable. Thanks TEMPOE
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