PTS Lease Payment Protection Plan

Don’t let the unexpected event leave payments unprotected.

For only $9.99 per month, PTS offers our valued TEMPOE customers a way to satisfy remaining payments should their merchandise be impacted by fire, flood, storm damage, theft, or other acts of God during the lease term. And because we understand challenging events to create unusual and urgent needs, the Payment Protection Plan offers additional important benefits, including:

Lease Payment Protection: Lease Cancelation/Death Benefit

Lease Cancellation/Death Benefit

Lease Payment Protection: • Telemedicine, Dental, Vision, and Health Discounts

Telemedicine, Dental, Vision, and Health Discount Programs

Lease Payment Protection: • Emergency Automobile Service

Emergency Automobile Service Reimbursement

Lease Payment Protection: • Prescription Discount Card

Prescription Discount Card

Lease Payment Protection: Travel Discounts

Travel Discounts

Lease Payment Protection

and More!

To start a TEMPOE lease with the Payment Protection Plan, begin your application now!