Laptop Leasing

Laptops have become must-have electronics for work, school, and plain old fun. If you’re ready for a new laptop, check out our laptop leasing partners and find the perfect laptop today. Leasing a laptop is a great alternative instead of the rent to own laptop option. We provide leasing for Macbook fans as well. Avoid Apple Macbook rentals and lease instead. In addition to thousands of brick and mortar laptop leasing store locations around the nation, we also partner with retailers that offer an online laptop leasing experience. We have retail partners all over the country and online that won’t rest until you’re happy and satisfied with a laptop that meets your needs.

TEMPOE Leasing - Sears

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TEMPOE Leasing - Electro Finance

Electro Finance allows online shoppers to purchase electronics that are fulfilled by Best Buy – no credit required.

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TEMPOE Leasing - RTB Shopper Electronics

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Apply in-store or online. Once approved, you’ll receive a lease approval code and amount.


After being approved, shop with one of our partners for leaseable items. Approvals are good for 30 days.


Make monthly, biweekly or weekly payments, based on your income frequency. Purchase‡  your items after your 5-month minimum term, continue leasing or return them to us.

†This is not a final approval. Final approval is determined at the time of payment processing
‡Purchase Options not available in NJ, WV, WI, and VT.

How to choose a new laptop

It can be tough to choose the right laptop for your needs. Laptops can be used for some heavy-duty serious work, for gaming at home, or to get schoolwork done.

  • First, choose which type of platform or operating system (OS) works best for you. You can choose from Windows, Macbooks, or Chromebooks. It’s mainly up to personal choice but each platform has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • What size are you most interested in? Laptop screen sizes can range from 11 to 18 inches but the larger your laptop, the heavier it can be.
  • Are you looking for a touch screen laptop? How much power do you need? A CPU is essentially your laptop’s “brain.” An Intel Core i3 wins on price but loses when it comes to performance. An Intel Core i5 is more mainstream and i7 or i9 will really take you to new heights regarding performance. Besides Intel, another option are AMD CPUs.
  • Then there’s RAM, storage (hard drives), and battery life to consider.

No matter what laptop you choose, we make leasing a laptop a breeze – no credit required!